Last Step: Choose Your Colors

Reds Kites

#01 Rocket Red Frenzy

#26 Raspberry Rocket

Orange Kites

#03 Tangerine Tart

#07 Orangatango Orange

Black Kites

#06 Black n' Cherry

#20 Burnin' Sky Black

Green Kites

#11 Gadzooka Green

#13 Giggle Snort Green

#15 Techno Teal

Pink Kites

#10 Razzle Dazzle Pink

#21 Cotton Candy Pink

#23 Flamingo Frappe

Yellow Kites

#04 Bananafana

#12 Mmm Yummy Yellow

#19 Oh My Gosh Gold

#24 Bumble Bee Black

Light Blue Kites

#02 Bubble Gum Blue

#08 Battery Power Blue

#16 Lil' Blue Cooler

#27 Super Sly Blue

Purple Kites

#05 Luscious Lavender

#17 Very Cherry

#18 Peekaboo Purple

#22 Electric Indigo

Blue Kites

#09 Banana Boat Blue

#14 Cool Blue Pink Ice

#25 Be Dazzled Blue

#28 Blue Spangle Banner

If you would like to choose your own colors please type the kite number and then the quantity
of that kite

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