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First Flight Problems.

Question   by    William W.
I flew my first mighty kite yesterday. Following the instructions, I added the extra tails because it was blowing 15-20 mph. The kite flew easily, dancing around is the breeze. But then it started doing clockwise loops and went to the ground. I got it up again, just pulling it over the sandy beach till it caught a breeze. It did not seem to rise much no matter how much string I let out. I tried straightening the keel to avoid the descending loop pattern, but that did not work. Any ideas? Did it not rise much because of the extra tails? Also, I tried to peel the scotch tape off the tails but it was stuck too well to peel. Should I cut off the taped areas or just cut the tape, leaving the bit of tape on the tails? Are there any further flying instruction hints? William W.

Answer   by    Charmel - The Mighty Kite Lady
Dear William,
Thank you for writing to us. Congratulations on your FIRST FLIGHT!
15-20 mph winds are still within the range of the MKs (Mighty Kites) flying with the first set of tails. The extra set of tails is recommended for above 15-20 mph and up winds. But it is not law. Most of us usually keep 2 MKs, one with the first set of tails for easy winds up to the 15-20 mph and a second MK double tailed set for higher winds above 15-20 mph. That way we never have to remove the second set of tails (cheating). Although, I sometimes just pull out the double tails because it is longer and has more color, as long as there is a good steady wind going. If you only have one MK, and if you have already added the second set of tails, I would recommend just cutting the second set off, at the taped area. Then placing a piece of scotch tape on the ends of the first set, so the next time you want to add the second set, you can just tape them to the taped ends of the MKs first set. Easier to pull the scotch tape off of a piece of scotch tape, then off of the MKs paper tails. LOL

As far as the kite making loops...... just put a crease in the strings triangular tab that connects to the kite body. You only need to make that crease once, the first time you take the MK out of the package, since the tab is laying flat against the MKs body, it will cause the MK to fly in a loop. Kind of like the shorter leg affect that causes a person to walk in a circle, if you know what I mean.

As far as the MKs flying on a better rise.....that has more to do with the up-draft in the wind. Some winds are straight, making the kite fly out at an angle more in front of you. When the wind has an up-draft, the MK will fly higher, more vertical above you. You will find the MK going up and then down, because it gets caught in the higher and lower currents at different times. Often you can catch the next higher current of wind, by gently pulling on the MKs string, for it will catch the next higher current, if the current is close enough to the last one. Just keep flying your MK until you learn the different winds and how the currents work. You'll see what I am talking about. You'll soon become expert at knowing which winds will make the kite go higher and which ones will pull the kite out just right for doing tricks with your MK. Let me know if this answers your questions and how your next flight goes. Happy Flying, The Mighty Kite Lady

Question   by    William W.
Thanks for getting back to me. When you say "a crease in the strings triangular tab", do you mean the kite's triangular tab? Do you mean to fold it over in the other direction so it is at a right angle to the kite body? If it is making clockwise loops, which direction should the tab be bent relative to the body of the kite? All your other tips were very helpful and are appreciated. One last question...Is the angle the string is glued to the triangular piece critical or does the pressure from the wind correct any effect of that angle? Thanks for everything, Bill

Answer   by    Charmel - The Mighty Kite Lady
Dear Bill, I am glad that the answers I gave you helped. Yes, the kite's triangular tab, the one the string is glued to. When the kite is first taken out of the package, it is flat, just laying against the kite. All you are wanting to do is lay the tab the other direction then it already naturally lays on the kite and give it a crease, so that now it is at a 90 degree angle coming off the kite. As far as the string goes, I am sure It does need to be a certain way, although I must say, that is in the area of our engineer and I can not tell you exactly how it should be. But I do know that it comes out at the tip of the triangular tab. All the Best and May You Always Have Smooth Warm Sailing Winds, Charmel The Mighty Kite Lady Mighty Kite Crusader Club

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